Nowadays many enterprising and other subjects face difficulties that cannot be solved without assistance of specialists with experience in particular areas. Therefore we offer other services, especially tax, economic and legal consultancy. Tax consultancy concerns all types of taxes effective in the Czech Republic, including tax problems concerning work abroad and incomes from abroad.

Tax consultancy

  • Current tax consultancy
  • Tax return processing
  • Representation of clients in tax proceedings

Consultancy in a field of commercial law

  • Establishment, transformation, merging and liquidation of entities including assessment
  • Company’s transactions, operations
  • Conclusion of contracts
  • Liquidation and bankruptcy

Assessment of entities

  • Establishment of entities´ book value
  • Establishment of entities´ market price

Accounting consultancy

  • Accounting consultancy
  • Application of international accounting standards
  • Labour-law relations

Services for company management

  • Financial analysis and intentions
  • Processing of credit data
  • Calculations and assessments
  • Implementation of information systems

Organizational and economy consultancy

  • In-house accountancy
  • Accounting standards and principles
  • Work-Flow in accounting departments, circulation of documents/vouchers
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